Maker of the Month

March 2016

Richard Huhn

While “helping” his father craft shelves, cabinetry, and furniture for the family home, six-year-old Richard built a rudimentary warship with scraps from the workshop and a dowel for the smokestack. His dad guided him through gluing and painting, and the ship is proudly docked in his family’s basement. Richard likes to think he’s improved since then.

While living in the D.C. area, Richard dabbled with woodturning and marquetry at The Woodworkers Club in Rockville, Maryland. He then migrated south and joined Lowcountry Turners and Maven Makers, where he moved beyond the basics to create his own technically challenging works.

Richard has recently crafted several pens and decorative cutting boards and coasters. He is currently producing a modern console table while he further sharpens his skill with an eye toward Federal-style furniture and its intricate inlays. Richard hopes that others will appreciate the detail and precision in his handcrafted wood pieces.

February 2016

Ian Reddick

My name is Ian Reddick. I am a luthier, industrial designer, craftsman, and musician from Boston, Massachusetts. I studied lutherie in Atlanta, Georgia and the mountains of Vermont before enrolling at Savannah College of Art and Design to study Industrial Design.

I have always preferred creating objects that are both beautiful and functional, and when combined with my love of music, lutherie was a natural choice for me. I get a great feeling of satisfaction when working with my hands, and I find it very rewarding to use something I have made. I am presently in the process of finishing a bass guitar, whose design was inspired by a customer who asked for a bass that “looks like it was built in the woods by elves and wizards”. I am also learning the craft of blacksmithing, which I have long been curious about. I look forward to continuing to hone my crafts and pushing myself to do better.