I’m a Maker

I'M A MAKER: video series

If you would like a video highlighting your business or idea please fill out the form below.

Filming Guidelines:

  1. Must be producing a product, good, or service in the Savannah, GA area.
  2. Must be willing to pay for half of filming costs. In paying you are allowed to use the video on your site once launched on Maven Makers site and other media outlets. We will cover the other half of the cost as well as push through all of our marketing outlets.
  3. Must be willing to teach a class at Maven Makers within the following month of the launch of the video.
  4. Must fill the form by clicking this link. Once form has been filled out, you will receive a follow up email with next steps (interview process, price of promotional video filming session, and estimated time scale of completion of project.)

William Woods | Woods Bladeworks | I'M A MAKER series #1