the WORK | LIFE | MAKE balance – pt.1

the WORK | LIFE | MAKE balance – pt.1

The Biggest Hurdle

In the summer of 1936, Nazi governed Berlin was the setting of the Olympic games. This setting played an important role in the magnitude of Jesse Owens’ four gold medals he won in the competitions that took place that summer. He overcame physically by dominating his competition. He also overcame mentally as he dealt not only with competition on the track where his medals were received, but with great adversity off the track as well. He received those medals by what he was able to achieve off the track as much as on it. The adversity he faced through racism both in the US as well as in Germany could be perceived as his greatest hurdle he faced. Transcending his physical competition, his mental opposition and his ability to overcome it were the indelible marks of the magnitude of his victories in Berlin in 1936.

Business owners are often asked, “What is the biggest hurdle you have faced while being in business?” Thinking on Jesse’s story, one can’t help but to wonder, what would Jesse say in response? Although his greatest perceived struggles were vehement opposition off the track, his answer most likely would be one that had nothing to do with the physical pains he dealt with or the mental strength it took to deal with the off track banter. His answer would most likely have been one focused on the mental toughness it would take to win in the moment and would say as a response, “My biggest hurdle is the one right in front of me.” If Jesse focused on the successes of his last medal or even his last jump, run, or heat, he would lose focus on what was next. Likewise, if he had his eyes set on the finish line without clearing the hurdle in front disaster would strike and he would never make get to the goal that he was setting his gaze on.

So what does that look like for you our members, here at Maven Makers. Many of our members are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you are faced with this question constantly. What is the biggest hurdle you, our members, are facing? Even as an aspiring business owner and an enthusiastic hobbyist, you face hurdles as well. For most it is dealing with one or all of the four greatest hurdles that stand in the way of going beyond a hobby into making a viable business.

The trick is not focusing on the ways that have made you successful in the past and not letting the great visions you have for your future get in your way doing the job that is in front of you to do right now.
Tune in for part 2 to learn what the four hurdles are and how we can help you get over them. We at Maven Makers want to help our members have an overall – work | life | make – balance. We think overcoming these four hurdles will help achieve that.