5 Reasons to Use a Makerspace

5 Reasons to Use a Makerspace

In an age where space is at a premium and budgets are tight, buying your own equipment to build your DIY projects or create that new product for that specialized online market is hard to do. Much less keep up with which of the kids goes to which sporting event tonight! Maven Makers is bringing a solution to all the homegrown, build it your own needs. Here are 5 reasons why joining a makerspace could be the best investment you make this year.

1.Create a Start Up Without the Start Up Costs
If the easiest way to get ripped abs is to go to a gym and get a monthly membership, shouldn’t building a business be just as easy? All around the price of an average cable bill, Maven Makers customers will have access to anything that will be needed to build there products without the burden of all the overhead costs that come with it.

2.Extensive Equipment Training
Want to make your next dining room table, but don’t know what tools you need to get it done? We can teach you that! Who hasn’t wanted to learn how to do a 3D print to replace that old cracked dimmer switch in the kitchen? Maven Makers will be offering classes to train their members in practical knowledge applications from 3D printing that pesky part in a household appliance, laser cutting a stencil for the next Science Fair project, or turning a bowl on a wood lathe.

3.More Space to Make, Play, Create
The garage out back can only hold so many lawnmowers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers. Now if there was only somewhere to go and build that table for the dining room without adding to the clutter. Maven Makers will not only provide space to build, but also storage. Leave the project at the makerspace. It’ll be there after you finish cutting the grass.

4.Something for All Ages
Every kid would love to be able to make their own crayon from a silicon mold casted from a model they created on the computer and 3D printed right? Oh, that’s right their mom would actually really enjoy that as well! Making is not prejudiced to age and neither is Maven Makers. Come one. Come all. Everyone will be able to leave saying, “I’m a Maker!”

5.There is Probably One Close to Where You Live
So the only glaring thing standing in the way of joining a makerspace at this point is that there isn’t one close by, right? Wrong! Visit us online at mavenmakers.com or come by at 415 W Boundary St. Savannah, GA 31401 for more information.