Back to Making as Usual

Back to Making as Usual

At this time last week we were just hearing the news that the Caribbean country, Haiti, had taken a direct hit from the newly formed Hurricane Matthew as it barreled straight towards the Florida coastline. It was even more surreal as we closed up shop Thursday due to an evacuation of Chatham County because the cyclone was scheduled to hit us in just under 48 hours from that time. It was surreal because the sky looked much like it does today. With a cloud nowhere in sight and a gentle, harmless breeze it was hard to believe something so ominous would come through our city of Savannah with so much force and tenacity.

I’m thankful to know that many of our members were able to evacuate from the GA and SC coast. Also hearing of others who came to the aid of those who found surprise when they came home. Power lines tangled in downed trees creating power outages over most of the city. There were some of you though, and do not try to deny it, that were excited about the prospect of fresh lumber to turn into your next project, making a story that couldn’t be remade. It may have been hard for some to see that silver lining as a trunk of a tree sat in your yard or maybe even your home.

Whatever your story, know that Maven Makers’ power is up and the machines all have brand new blades ready to create your next project. Whether it is to forget about the aftermath of the storm or to get back to making as usual, we are open and ready for you! So we hope to see you here this week and share stories with you. After all, that’s what our community is here for.


Let’s make something together!


Ty Donaldson


Maven Makers