What if the only thing standing in your way of making your passion come to life showed up in your city?

What if you have an understanding of how to make an awesome chair, but you do not have the tools to make it happen?

What if you wanted to make a robot that could play ping pong against you, but you do not know where to start?

What if you have an amazing product idea, but the thought of turning it into a prototype seems overwhelming?


That place is Maven Makers & it is coming to Savannah. Actually it is already here! We will be hosting monthly workshops for you to come and learn trades like these or to polish trades you already have. So keep your eyes peeled and your creative juices flowing.

 There are other cities doing this already and we think it is time for a creative city like Savannah to hop on board. A maker space in Brooklyn named 3rd Ward is one of the spaces that Maven Makers is looking to for a model of a tangible maker space in Savannah. Check out the video above.

 Still want to know what a maker space is? Stay tuned….

Maven Makers [Make. Play. Create.]